The Single Element that will Make or Break Your Digital Marketing in 2016

05 January 2016
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The Single Factor that will Make or Break Your Digital Marketing in 2016

What does the #futureofmarketing look like? Normally, you will hear people say the same things over again every year (since a great deal of individuals need to still catch up): go mobile, video content, social networks is a primary channel, and etc. The amusing thing is that as we discuss trends online, we tend not to see the larger photo. Digital marketing is never almost concentrating on a single tool or aspect of the online world, however of the brand-new audience and how to interact with them.
We can see a trend of sincere, ethical marketing since the Google Penguin upgrade in 2012– so why is it picking up now? Everybody is finally starting to see “the light” and get in rhythm with the brand-new Google search updates. What do they put value on many? Whatever content is most relevant to the business.
Exactly what does that indicate? That suggests the more sincere you are with your content, the more likely it will turn up. Individuals are so made use of to SEO using a deceitful system to send people to their sites. Not any more! The search algorithms in most popular online search engine have ended up being so tight on popular usage of sites and material throughout a website and the behavioral patterns, that it is realllllly rather tough to fool it. You would have to do some major black hat work, which I don’t suggest. It may work for a little, however it wont work long term. (* P.S.– many people don’t know if their own marketing group employs these strategies for their business! Take care, understand what your marketing group is doing.).
So, what does honest marketing appear like?
-keeping your content concise and with real keywords that relate. Some can be local– do not aim to “own” an area.
-discover exactly what is unique about your business, and truthfully market that on social channels and through video.
-develop less automatic email campaigns (I mean, do you like it when unintentionally you get in that odd auto-email circle with someone where you have it switched on and they have it switched on– unpleasant).
-live conversations are still so essential– so bring them online. Skype, Google video chat, bring in person discussions into your business to maintain client relationships.
To conclude– when your mommy told you to “simply be yourself,” let’s state now that is a must.

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